Sunday, May 22, 2016

Sunday, May 22

Today was dialysis pump change day again. These days are usually fairly stressful, and today was no different. There was a different team than usual here today, and anything different increases my anxiety.
Zeke did great with the pump change though. They did increase his dopamine and put him back on the heating blanket, just as a preventative, but he sailed through it, despite some issues with air in the lines, and is coming back down to 5 on his dopamine.
His dialysis is now on a 4-hour cycle, pulling 5ml of fluid for two hours, I=O for two hours. He's tolerating it extremely well.
He had a weight loss of 90g again last night. Right now, he's at 3180g, which is 7lbs even. His dosing weight is still at 1.9kg (4lb 3oz), so he's still got quite a bit of extra fluid to lose, but he's making definite progress!
They decided to change his feeds again today. Instead of getting a continuous amount of breastmilk (1ml/hr), they're going back to 3ml at once, every 3 hours. They call this trophic feeds - non-nutritive feeds in small amounts, basically to stimulate the digestive tract. He's still getting all of the nutrition he needs via iv fluids, but the breastmilk will help give him extra antibodies and good stuff, plus, it will help get his digestion working well.
His vitals are still good, and he's had good blood gasses again today, and has been able to wean down on his vent some more. He's currently at a respiratory rate of 58, pressure at 26/4. He had a small desat a little while ago, so he's up to 67% Oxygen, but he's been down around 50% most of the day.
He's been a lot more alert today than he has been. When he's been awake, he seems more attentive. He just all around seems like he's feeling better today. He looks a lot better too, even just from two days ago.
Fluid change happens in about an hour, and he usually doesn't like that, but we're hoping he stays on the trend he has been and tolerates it well.

May 22
3180g (7lb)

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