Monday, May 2, 2016

May 2, Part 2

Two updates in one day...
Zeke's blood pressure and oxygen saturation have been pretty consistently low all day. I left to run to the store and get some food, and as I was leaving, they were coming in to do his abdominal ultrasound.
When I was walking into Walmart, one of the doctors called and said that while I was gone, his breathing had gotten pretty weird, so they decided to do a chest xray. They found that he had another pneumothorax (build up of air around his lung) and his right lung had collapsed again. They didn't place a chest tube, but they did use a needle to remove the air around his lung - the same one that he'd had issues with right after birth. They increased his oxygen and the respiratory rate on the ventilator. Right now, he's at 95% O2, and a rate of 80rpm. He's bouncing between oxygen saturation of 85-100. They also put him back on nitric oxide, because they did a test for BNP levels (something to do with the heart), and they were elevated.
They bumped his vasopressin up, so his blood pressure is in the low 40's.
They did get the colon biopsy results back. He has the 'right' cells, so it's not Hirschsprung's. They're not sure what caused the bowel perforation. They've requested the pku results from Sacred Heart to see if there's anything there that may be related.
Surgery did come in a few minutes ago to go over the results of the abdominal ultrasound. There is no pocket of fluid, infection or otherwise, in his abdomen, which is good. It does mean, though, that all of his tissues are swollen and retaining fluid, and he's got some kind of generalized infection that's affecting basically his whole body. They can't pull more fluid off, because of his blood pressure, but the excess fluid is causing the swelling.
His white blood cell count and CRP levels were down a tiny bit today from yesterday, so hopefully the antibiotic they started yesterday is having an effect. They did start nafcillin today, so we're praying that at least one of the antibiotics will help with this infection.

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