Monday, May 23, 2016

Monday, May 23, 2016

Zeke is down another 100g today, putting him at 3080g (6lb 13oz). He's 46cm (18.1in), and his abdominal circumference is down by 1cm (41.5cm). He's looking so much better - way less swollen, and you can actually see wrinkles on him now, instead of his skin stretched so tight across his whole body!

He's come down a tiny bit on the vent settings - the pressure is the same as it has been, but his rate is down to 56, and his O2 is currently down to 51%. He's regulating his temperature with the bed temp set a bit lower. His dialysis is still set to I=O for two hours, +5 for two, and he's tolerating it really well. His blood pressure is still holding steady, and he's back down to his maintenance dose of dopamine.

His team decided to increase his feeds today as well. He's receiving breastmilk feeds every 3 hours, and starting at 5pm, he'll be receiving 8ml per feed.

He's had several desats the last few days, where his oxygen saturation will drop to the mid-low 70's. He's had a lot of secretions building up in his chest and breathing tube, but as soon as the nurses come suction him through his tube, he comes right back up to the 90's.

His white blood cell count is at 13, which is fantastic!!!

Daddy comes back tomorrow, so hopefully Zeke doesn't start acting up for him!

May 23
3080g (6lb 13oz)

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