Saturday, May 21, 2016

Saturday, May 21

I came in this morning and was very pleasantly surprised at Zeke's numbers. He had an awesome night, and we're praying that he continues on this trend. He can, and likely, will have many more setbacks, but for now, he's a little rockstar.
He's down to the minimum renal dose of dopamine (5), also on a low dose of the hydrocortisone (which is also for bp), and his blood pressure is holding steady in the 40's-50's.
Renal decided to increase the fluid they're pulling, so he's at -5 for two hours, I=O for three hours. So far, he's tolerating the cycle.
His urine output was about the same (62cc), and he lost 90g overnight.
His blood gasses have been consistently good, so they're weaning down the vent settings some more. Currently, he's at a rate of 65rpm, pressure of 26, and he's down to 78% oxygen and keeping his sats in the 90's.
He's also doing so much better at controlling his own body temp as well. his bed is set at 32.7c (90.8F) and he's right at 37c (98.6F). This is a huge win, since a week ago, he was needing a heating blanket under him to keep his temp regulated.
Surgery agreed that he was doing well enough, so they decided to discontinue the mucamyst, and go straight to breastmilk feeds.
Praying for consistency, praying for healing, and so incredibly thankful for the small victories that add up to big ones.

May 21
3270g (7lb 3oz)

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