Friday, May 6, 2016

May 6

Zeke has been a lot more stable over the last two days. He's been able to maintain his heart rate and blood pressure really well. The nurses even weaned him completely off the Vasopressin and he's down to only 10 on the Dopamine. They've also been able to lower his O2 and vents settings and now he's on a rate of 35 and only 65% O2.
Since his blood pressure has been pretty stable, they've been able to get more aggressive with his dialysis. The last couple days they've had to leave fluid on and, because of that, on Wednesday night he gained 400 grams. Yesterday they were able to run the dialysis at I=O (in= out) and so he only gained 10 grams. Hopefully today he'll actually be able to lose some weight as all the fluid weight he's gained is still putting some extra strain on his heart and lungs.
He's continuing to fight off the infection, but it seems that he's starting to make some progress. The last two days are very encouraging, but he still has a long way to go. He's still more than double his birth weight, almost all of it fluid, and he'll need to lose most of that, heal from his surgery, and finish fighting off the infection before he'll be on a good footing.
We're very grateful for all the prayers and support. It's truly a miracle that Zeke has continued to fight as long as he has. Today my Battalion Command Team even came out to visit and offer their support. Again, thank you for everything and we'll continue to update as things progress.

May 5
3220g (7lb 1oz)

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