Friday, May 13, 2016

May 13

These last couple days have been up and down, but Zeke has been stable today. On the 11th, he had a really rough night. His blood pressure and O2 kept going down regardless of increases in oxygen and dopamine. They ended up having to give him two saline boluses and one FFP (fresh frozen plasma). The FFP finally got him stabilized and he started doing better.
The last two days he's still been seesawing up and down on his O2 and blood pressure and we don't know what's changed that would cause it. His infection still seems to be getting better and he hasn't had any more pneumothoraces. They started him on Epogen yesterday to try and improve his production of red blood cells and they increased his dosage of Nafcillin to try and eradicate the infection more quickly.
Zeke had his first eye exam yesterday. The opthamologist didn't see any issues so he's not showing any signs of ROP (retinopathy of prematurity) which is most common in premies and can cause blindness. So that's good news.
This morning they changed out his dialysis pump and since then he had been pretty low on his O2 sat and his BP. They ended up giving him an Albumen bolus to stabilize his BP and he's been good since. They just changed out his endotrachial tube (ET) for a larger one because he had outgrown the last one (he whistled/squeaked all the time from the air escaping around it). Since then, he's actually been satting high and they've been able to drop his O2 quite a bit.
The doctors are keeping his treatment the same as he's really only had some small speed bumps. Everyone has good days and bad anyways so we're staying the course for now.

May 12
2880g (6lb 5.5oz)

May 13
2950g (6lb 8oz)

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