Wednesday, May 18, 2016

May 18, Part 2

As of this morning, Zeke has had tiny improvements, as well as some setbacks.
His weight went up 70g last night, and he's at the highest weight he's ever been (3350g, or 7lbs 6oz). That excess weight is fluid that we're trying to get rid of.
His blood gasses today have been the best they've been since he's been here, so they're slowly trying to wean down on the vent settings. He's still at a pretty high rate and a fairly high pressure, and right now getting 100% oxygen, but the blood numbers are good.
His fluid nutrition was changed last night. They changed his lipids from 24 hours to 12 hours. They increased his protein to the max allowable for his weight, and decreased his sodium.
His urine output yesterday was almost double what it's been (it was 71cc, which is on the extremely low end of what would be considered normal.
He hasn't needed a saline bolus or blood transfusion since Tuesday (yesterday) morning, and because his blood pressures have been better today, during rounds this morning they decided to move his dialysis back to I=O, and he's tolerated it well all day.
Hopefully with all of these changes and the way he's tolerated them today, he'll lose weight tonight.
He's still receiving several prn (as needed) doses of Fentanyl throughout the day to help him be more comfortable, which sucks that he needs it, but it does help his heart rate come down, and when he's comfortable he's able to oxygenate better, so his O2 sats have been better as well.
He'll have a chest xray, an echocardiogram, and a full cbc workup tomorrow.
Definitely still treading extremely lightly, being very very cautious with optimism. Today was better than yesterday. Tomorrow could be better than today, or it could be worse. We're just taking it all one moment at a time, one decision at a time, and praying for the best.

May 18
3350g (7lb 6oz)

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