Wednesday, May 4, 2016

May 4

Yesterday Zeke continued to be consistently low on his blood pressure and O2 levels. They had to give him two Boluses yesterday to keep his BP up.
Around 2000 he decelled for a couple minutes and it took a long time for his blood pressure and heart rate to recover to normal levels. I told the nurse that the only time he stays down is when he's had a pneumothorax. They conducted another chest x-ray and he had air around his lungs again. The doctor came in and performed a needle decompression to pull it off. About 30 minutes later it was already starting to re accumulate so they decided to insert a chest tube to keep the lung inflated.
His CRP and white blood cell count are both essentially the same as yesterday, so we're not really seeing any progress against the infection.
The nenonatal team just came by and bottom line is they're not very optimistic about his chances of recovery. All of his issues are feeding off and compounding each other. Right now the primary concern is the infection. The infection is located in his abdominal cavity which takes time to treat. The area in the abdomen doesn't have very good blood profusion and since the antibiotics are administered through the bloodstream, they have to pass through multiple membranes and/or soft tissue to get to where the infection is actually located. The doc said that it would probably take 4-5 days to start seeing improvement and a couple weeks to fully eradicate the infection. Right now he's already on four antibiotics and there's nothing more they can do for the infection other than give him time
He's continued to have issues with his blood pressure and O2 levels which are due to the amount of fluid he's retaining. He essentially has leaky capillaries and the fluids that he's being given are leaking out into the soft tissue, which the infection is also making worse. This continues to cause problems by lowering his blood pressure and making it more difficult for his lungs and heart to function properly. The doc wants to start hydrocortisone as well which may help to stabilize his blood pressure.
Right now it's really just a waiting game for the infection to start receding and for his body to stabilize so that we can start removing fluid to relieve the strain on his heart and lungs.

May 3
2560g (5lb 10oz)

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