Thursday, May 19, 2016

May 19

Zeke's left lung collapsed yesterday around 8:30pm, shortly after my last update. They adjusted his positioning, which was really all they could due because he was already on 100% oxygen. They did a repeat chest xray this morning and it was still collapsed, but his oxygen saturation has been better today.
Today has been a bit better all around. It was pump change day, which is always stressful, especially after the episode he had on Monday. They increased his dopamine and oxygen in preparation, and had respiratory and renal standing by in case something went wrong again. Luckily, he did great. There was no drop in his blood pressure or oxygen saturation (other than his O2 dropping from being touched, but that's normal - he doesn't like people messing with him). They had also turned his heating blanket back on before pump change, because if the blood hasn't been in the warming tube before it goes back into his body, it makes his temp drop. After about an hour, they had to turn off the blanket and open the little porthole windows of his isolette because he was too warm.
His stats have been decent today as well. He's satting in the high 80's to high 90's, and his blood gasses have been good today as well. Because of this, they've been able to wean him down a bit on his oxygen and vent settings. He's currently receiving 95% oxygen, and his rate is at 74, down from 100% and 80 this morning.
His blood pressures have been good today (in the 40's-50's), even with the dialysis at I=O, so they've been able to wean down on his dopamine as well (currently at 12 - his max is 20).
His white blood cell count is down to 18, so they discontinued one of his antibiotics today, and will discontinue one of the antifungals tomorrow, so he'll be down to 3.
His urine output from yesterday was 62cc's, which is still awesome, and he lost 20g.
We're hoping he continues trending upwards, keeps losing weight, and the umbilical lines keep working well.

May 19
3330g (7lb 5.5oz)

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