Tuesday, May 10, 2016

May 10

Zeke has continued to maintain his blood pressure and O2 levels well since the last update. He's been up and down a few times, but all in all, he's been stable enough to continue to take fluid off. Over the last few days he's lost 380 grams. It's only a drop in the bucket right now because he still weighs 2.9 kilos, up from 1.4 when he was born. At least he's moving in the right direction though.
His treatment is going to continue to be the same. We're just waiting for him to finish fighting off this infection and for him to lose all his excess fluid weight. There's not a lot they can do until that happens. They've started giving him Albumen, which is a protein that will help keep fluid from leaking out of his capillaries into the soft tissue. It should help him continue to lose weight and prevent more fluid from accumulating in his soft tissue.
They are talking about starting him on Epogen, which will help to boost his production of red blood cells, but it's up to the renal docs. Due to him being premature, his body hasn't transitioned to producing mature red blood cells yet. Additionally, the dialysis machine kills some of them off during the filtering process. Due to this, he receives regular blood transfusion to keep his red blood cell count up, but Epogen won't do anything if his body hasn't started producing mature red blood cells yet.
Overall, he continues to improve, though he still has a long road ahead.

May 7
3090g (6lb 13oz)

May 8
2950g (6lb 8oz)

May 9
2900g (6lb 6oz)

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