Sunday, July 24, 2016

July 24, 2016

Zeke has done really well this week other than the vascath issues on Wednesday and Thursday. He had been somewhat agitated so the docs went back up on his fentanyl and versed drips to keep him more calm. He still has some angry spells, but he usually calms down pretty well so the additional sedation has helped. The biggest concern is that he'll get aggravated and pull his vascath loose, which is what happened on Thursday.
Surgery and nephrology have been getting together to identify a way to prevent all of the bleeds he's been having. Nephrology wants to try out a new catheter that's stiffer and more permanent. Right now the plan is to have surgery place the new catheter on Wednesday during pump change.
He has done exceptionally well on his ventilator settings. He's currently at a pressure of 18/5, rate of 20, and 21% O2 (room air). They don't really have much they can reduce without extubating him. Right now they want to wait until after the surgery on Wednesday since he has to be intubated for that anyways. They will probably wait to extubate him until the next week since they don't like making major changes going into the weekend.
The docs started him on hydrocortisone a couple days ago to try and get his BP under better control. They've been able to wean him completely off the dopamine, but his BP has been trending downward since they turned it off. We'll just have to wait and see how that plays out.

July 22
3850g (8lb 7.8oz) 
July 23
3880g (8lb 9oz)

July 24
3750g (8lb 4.25oz)

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