Sunday, July 10, 2016

July 10, 2016

Ezekiel has had a pretty eventful week. Overall he's continued to improve, but he has had some setbacks.
A week ago yesterday he was extubated and he initially did really well off the ventilator. As time went by though, his O2 sat started getting lower and his blood gasses were getting slowly worse. Earlier in the week they had to turn the pressure and rate back up on his nasal prongs. Yesterday his blood gasses continued to get worse and he was at the highest settings he could be on. (his gasses were 719/77, so pretty bad) They ended up having to reintubate him yesterday and he's done a lot better since. He's currently pretty high on his rate and pressure (rate - 45, pressure - 23/5, and O2 - 30%)
His vascath did really well since they replaced it last week, but it also started having issues yesterday. It bled twice during the day, but they were able to get it stopped very easily. It finally started bleeding again around midnight last night. It wasn't very much, but they would get it stopped and then the clot would break off and start bleeding again. Surgery came up and he decided to just replace the vascath. It went in with no problems, but the dialysis pump clotted up while they were working on him and they couldn't get it running again. He ended up getting back on dialysis this morning and it's been running fine since.
He ended up getting restarted on his fentanyl and versed drips because the surgeon was concerned that his agitation and movement was causing the issues with the vascath. They want to preserve those as much as possible so they needed him to be a little more sedated.
Tomorrow he's scheduled to have his malincot drains removed from his abdomen. Hopefully we won't have any of the issues we had with the UVC where it adhered to surrounding tissue and damaged his intestines. I'm still waiting to hear from surgery if there are any additional procedures they're going to do tomorrow or if they're just doing the drains. From what I've heard so far, they're just going to remove the drains at his bedside so they might not do anything else yet. There's a whole laundry list of the things they want to do to him (vesicostomy or valve oblation on his bladder, inserting g-tube and PD catheter, etc)

July 3
3590g (7lb 14.6oz)

With the awesome personalized Fijian war club some friends sent

July 3

July 4
3480g (7lb 10.75oz)

July 5
3470g (7lb 10.4oz)

July 6
3020g (6lb 10.5oz)

July 7

July 7
3120g (6lb 14oz)

July 7

July 8
3150g (6lb 15oz)

July 10

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