Sunday, April 24, 2016

April 24, 2016

Zeke is still continuing to recover from surgery. He hasn't had anymore significant complications since, but he has been somewhat up and down. His belly continues to swell up, but after speaking with the surgeon, it's fairly expected after the procedure he received. They conducted a ultrasound of his belly and found a pocket of fluid and a possible encapsulated abscess (essentially isolated puss/infection). The surgeon said it was normal and he's already on antibiotics which should contain the infection. Right now they're just going to continue to monitor it, but it doesn't require any other intervention at this time.
They also conducted an ECHO (heart ultrasound) to try to find out what was going on with his fingers. They didn't find anything abnormal that would explain why they are purple. After speaking with the nurse practitioner, they're really just going to keep watching it, especially since it's now only on two fingers and the size of the discolored area has decreased. The nail beds have darkened though and are a deep purple, almost black color. The NP said that it could be a thrombus (blood clot) that broke off one of the multitude of catheters he has in him, but it's not getting worse so they're just going to wait and see how it develops.
During the ECHO, they did see that he has a PFO (a small hole in his heart). It's fairly common in premies so they're not worried about it and it wouldn't be causing any of the other issues that he's having. Again, they're going to continue to watch it and hopefully it will close on it's own in a couple months.
All of his stats are still the same, O2, ventilator rate, etc. His blood pressure was up and down yesterday and because of that they had to leave some fluid on during his dialysis which has caused him to swell up a little more. The kidney doc wants to be more aggressive today as his BP has stabilized and try to take more fluid off to reduce the swelling, especially in his abdomen.
All in all, he continues to recover well from his surgery. The doctors are all quite impressed with his recovery so we've been very blessed so far.

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April 24

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