Tuesday, April 19, 2016

April 19, 2016 - Surgery Day

Gary and I got a call this morning when we were getting ready to come over to the hospital. They were concerned about how swollen Ezekiel's belly was, so they did an xray and found that there was a lot of air accumulated. This means there is likely a perforation in his intestines somewhere, which is letting gas, and possibly bacteria, leak into the abdominal cavity, which is obviously not good.
They're taking him down to surgery within the next hour. They'll look for the problem, and once they find it, the plan is to remove that section of bowel. The surgery comes with a lot of risks, not only during and right after, but it also will have an impact on his ability to receive peritoneal dialysis.
Please pray for Ezekiel, and for the doctors. He's a fighter, and we believe he'll get through this. We'll update as we can.

April 19


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