Friday, March 18, 2016

Get it straight...

Caution... this is a whiny rant, because I can, and this is my blog. I'm frustrated, and I need to get it out. Proceed if you'd like...

I want to start by saying, I absolutely love MY doctors! They are both fantastic - the OB I transferred to after the surgery (Dr. Medlock), and the Perinatal/MFM/High Risk Dr I've been seeing since this all started at 16 weeks (Dr. Beisweinger). They are both amazing, are super supportive and are very good at explaining things thoroughly and not treating me like I'm an idiot. They're pretty straightforward and, while things may change here and there, consistent.

Then you get the 'other' doctor I've seen. He's also in the MFM office, and I don't like him. I didn't like him the first time I saw him in the office, and I still don't like him now, when he's on call for the weekend. There's just something grating and superior about his personality. And usually, the things he says are the opposite of the things that my other two doctors have said and done. So I take everything he says with a grain of salt... And it sucks. Especially when he's the one here for the whole weekend.

I do believe that he's got our best interests in mind, but it's just frustrating that he's so opposite what the other doctors have said. He seems to have a major superiority complex, and he also seems to like big bad scary worst case scenario tactics. Granted, I want to know the worst thing that could happen, and I'd like to prepare for it, and I'm all for being cautious... But I trust Dr B with my baby's life. Literally.

Coming into this, Dr B said that the monitoring would likely be intermittent, really, just a precaution. I've seen him a couple of times since I've been here, and I've also seen Dr M. They seem to be on the same page, that with the way my monitor strips look, I don't have to be on the monitor 24/7. I'm able to get up, take a shower, go to the bathroom, whatever, for short amounts of time.

For the most part, baby's heart rate has been fine. He's having variable decelerations, where his heart rate will decrease slightly, and then it comes back up on its own. Usually this happens when I'm having a contraction (which aren't showing up on the monitor, but that's not a huge deal right now). Twice since I've been here, he's taken too long to get his heart rate back up, so they've come in and given me oxygen, and then he's gone back to normal.

My doctors don't see anything wrong with me leaving my room, and therefore the monitor, for an hour or so, occasionally. Especially when my family comes to visit. They know that it's going to freaking SUCK being here for so long. They've also both said that this is what babies DO at 26 weeks... especially babies with no fluid. It happens. As long as it's not happening often, it's not a huge thing.

I talked to Dr B yesterday about this when he was here, because he had said the other dr was here this weekend, and I wanted it noted in my chart. I have 'walking around' privileges. I can disconnect from my tethers for a while to spend some time with my family. I'm not on 'bed rest', per se... I'm just here to be monitored. And that doesn't have to be 100% of the time. He wants me hooked up when I'm in the room, but again... that doesn't have to be 100% of the time. I made sure to ask him, and the nurse double checked, and made sure it was in my chart before he left here yesterday.

Then the other doctor came in for rounds today, and said that he wants me hooked up to the monitors continually. I'm SO frustrated! The nurses are amazing, and have said that they'll make sure I get to leave to spend time with my family, as long as there haven't been major issues. It especially sucks, because I'm in a 'semi-private' room. Right now, no roommate, which is nice, but you never know when someone will come in, and it's hard enough getting the kids to cooperate without having to keep them quiet because there's someone else in here.

I'm just waiting for whoever is in the private rooms to either have their babies or go home, so I can move on up... Because this situation would SUCK for the next 4+ (let's be optimistic... at least 7 1/2 weeks, so I can make it to 34) weeks...

I want to end this, by saying how amazing medicine is. Everything that they've been able to do for the baby so far has been incredible, and I feel so blessed to have such an amazing husband who works hard, and has insurance to cover all of this. The fact that his command has been so supportive and understanding is also a huge relief and blessing. I'm so lucky to have the people in my life that I do - the people who have offered to take care of my family while I'm in here, who have offered to visit me and feed my family, and help Gary out with whatever he needs. I've been so blessed to have so many amazing, supportive people in my life. Not sure where I'd be without them.

At the end of the day, no matter how bored or lonely or fed up I may be, I'm still here. Baby is still baking. Gary and the kids are all taken care of. We're all healthy. So it's a good day.

I'll follow up with a non-whiny, more medical updatey update.

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