Wednesday, August 31, 2016

August 31, 2016 - Surgery Day


Zeke just went back for surgery. If everything goes well, it'll probably take 2-3 hours. Anesthesia said they were not doing the tracheostomy today.


Zeke is out of surgery and didn't have any complications. The urologist was able to go in and get an eye on what the problem was in the urethra/bladder. His urethral valve was completely scarred/closed over and blocking any drainage from the bladder. He was able to get past it and explore the bladder. We thought the fistula was between the bladder and the colon, but it wasn't. It appears that when he had surgery in Denver while he was in utero that they nicked the urethra while they were trying to oblate his urethral valves. So the connection between his colon was through the urethra right behind the valve. Due to how small his urethra is, the urologist was not able to get in and fix the fistula. He was able to get a catheter in so his bladder is draining (somewhat) normally now. The smallest scope the doc had was a 9 french and the largest catheter he could get in was only a 6 french. So he's got a ways to go before they can get in and fix it. He didn't have to get the vesicostomy though which is great news.
Now we're going to have to wait for him to get bigger before they can reattempt fixing the fistula. That also means that the ostomy takedown will now be pushed back until the fistula can be fixed.
Same thing with the tracheostomy. He's too small to move his dialysis line anywhere else and right now it's running right across his throat where the trach needs to go. He'll just have to stay on the ventilator until he gets a bit bigger and they have room to place the trach.
Out of all this, the good news is he didn't have to get the vesicostomy and get another hole stabbed in him.

August 31
4460g (9lb 13.3oz)

Swollen, Post-Surgery

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