Tuesday, August 16, 2016

August 16, 2016

Zeke's day didn't exactly go as planned. His blood culture from the 14th (Sunday) came back positive for yeast again. They're going to continue treating with amphotericin b, and send cultures in daily until they come back negative. The cultures from the lumbar puncture should be back after 72 hours (so sometime Thursday afternoon/evening), so we'll know if it's meningitis or just a blood infection.
Because of the infection, they decided not to do the bronchoscope today. They want to give him time to rest and recover before messing with him too much more.
His belly was pretty distended this morning, and he hadn't had much output from his colostomy since yesterday afternoon. The np and dr came in and were kind of squeezing/massaging his belly, and he had a ton of stool come out (something like 20-30ml). He's still been pretty gassy, but he's had a total of 60-70ml out of his ostomy today.
I've had a migraine all day, so I didn't come in until around 7:30-8:00pm. When I got here, he was pretty agitated, and they said he had been for a little over an hour. They asked for a one-time dose of pain meds for him, but didn't get it, and he finally decided to calm down. Right now he's just hanging out looking at his mobile.
His vent settings are still fairly low - pressure 22/6, rate of 25, and currently his oxygen is set at 24% and he's satting 95-100%. His blood gasses today have been good, and the last one was actualy weanable, so we're just waiting for night rounds to see if they're going to wean the rate or pressure at all.
His weight today was 4150g (9lbs 2oz). Dialysis has been running smoothly. He's been at I=O since the morning of the 13th (Saturday), and doing well. He's continuing to tolerate his feeds as well.
All in all, a few setbacks today, but he's stable and seems happy at the moment.

August 15
Mom taking advantage of being off dialysis and holding Zeke.

August 15
4060g (8lb 15.25oz)

August 15
First time in the bouncer.
He liked it!

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