Friday, September 2, 2016

September 2, 2016

Zeke has done pretty good since surgery. The nurses actually had to turn down his fentanyl because since he wasn't on dialysis, it wasn't clearing out of his system. He was super sedated yesterday evening with his heart rate around 70 BPM. His heart rate is still pretty low today but we think it's a combination of the fentanyl and him getting fluid overloaded from being off dialysis.
They were going to put him back on dialysis yesterday, but he still had a lot of bleeding and blood in his urine. They didn't want to start it because the heparin would have just caused more problems. His urine cleared up today and they got him started back on dialysis with no problems. They're keeping him on I=O until they pull off the excess fluid he gained.
Hopefully tomorrow they'll want to start him back on feeds as he's still just getting IV nutrition.

September 2
Looking at one of his fun toys
September 2
4760g (10lb 8oz)
September 2

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