Friday, June 17, 2016

June 17, 2016

Ezekiel has continued to do very well since the last update. He hasn't had any major issues. On Wednesday the 15th he was having a lot of Brady's. After talking with the nurses, they did an x-ray and saw that his vent tube was tube and was causing irritation. After they backed it out a little bit, he did a lot better.
His ventilator settings continue to be really low and we're still hoping for him to be extubated soon. He's now at a pressure of 19/5, rate of 20, and 28% O2. He did have some bleeding (very minimal) out of his vascath yesterday so they're still hesitant to take his vent tube out.
On the 15th he also had his pinrose drain come out of his abdomen and surgery had to come up and put it back in. They're still happy with his progress and they don't have any concerns about his abdomen. Surgery wants to get a more permanent catheter placed so they're in the process of contacting their distributor as well as other hospitals to see if anyone has one small enough for him. They tried to place a cuffed catheter last time he went in for surgery, but it was too long.
His fingers are looking a lot better. His ring finger is still black and hard on the very end, but it looks like his skin and fingernail are growing back underneath. It'll probably fall off, but it doesn't look like it will be that bad. All things considered, it's not a huge deal.

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