Wednesday, June 1, 2016

June 1, 2016

Ezekiel has been making slow progress the couple days and has had a couple speed bumps, but nothing major. Overall, he's about the same as the last update. They have weaned down both the nitric (3 ppm) and the Dopamine (5 mcg) over the last few days and he's tolerated it really well.
Since Sunday he's been having significant desats on a fairly regular basis. He's bottomed out to 30% O2 saturation a couple times and the nurses have had to bag him. Respiratory has tweaked a few things, but yesterday they took an xray and this morning decided to push his vent tube farther in. Since they moved it deeper into his lungs, he has been pretty stable so hopefully that fixed the issue.
Yesterday his vascath started having issues and there was too much pressure on the dialysis line. They had to take the pump down around 0630 and put TPA in his lines to try to break up any blood clots there might be. Finally, around 1500, they put him back on the pump and it's worked fine ever since. Due to him being off dialysis for so long, he ended up gaining 110 grams (now at 3290 bodyweight). While he was down on the pump, the nurses also moved us to a new room right in front of the nurses station. The nurses were concerned because in the last room they couldn't hear the dialysis pump alarm if they weren't physically in the room.
Surgery came by to check on his abdomen and they say that it's looking good. They took an xray yesterday to ensure nothing was overly dilated or inflamed, but they said his bowels looked fine. They're just going to keep checking on him until he's healed enough for another exploratory laparotomy to see how they're going to repair his intestine (probably still 5-7 weeks away).
It's slow going right now, but every day that he's stable is a good day.

May 30
3210g (7lb 1oz)

June 1
3290g (7lb 4oz)

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